vrijdag 3 december 2010

Style Hunt 1: Lisa Rouchet

Her name is Lisa Rouchet and she is a 18 years old Girl From Antwerp the fashion city of Belgium!
Lisa is an Art student and she works as a model at Flagmodels agency.
Read her Interview:

My first impression about this fall winter trends is that there will be a lot of animal prints
 and faux fur in the collections. I really love it so I’m already looking forward to it.

I could never live without tights and a little black skirt.
It’s simple and you can combine it with everything.

5 items that are in my purse right now are my cell phone, red lipstick, red nail polish, my wallet and perfume( right now wakely perfume from Abercrombie & Fitch)

I'm listening to’Walking on a dream’ from empire of the sun right now.

I keep my body in shape by dancing 3 times a week.

My beauty routine is remove my make up, clean my face with a special face scrub from the body shop
and bring on a refreshing tonic.

Places where I buy my clothes are mostly the basic shops like H&M and Zara but
I also shop a lot in second hand stores like Episode,T2,Susies etc.

I am addicted to red lipstick and franchipane cookies.

I always wanted to be a fashion photographer.

My nickname is lis, I don’t know exactly why, my friends just call me like that.

My favorite quote is ‘ A fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion’ by Coco Chanel.
And my style advice would be ‘ wearing clothes you like is more important than wearing clothes you think other people would like. Feeling comfortable in your clothes makes that you can create your own style.’
My style is a combination from new clothes and second hand clothes.
I don’t have a specific style like ‘only vintage’ or ‘ rock’n roll’ I  wear everything, it just depends on
my mood I would say. On the days I don’t feel well or energetic I mostly just grab a big sweater out off my wardrobe and put on tights under need the sweater and  on the days I’m extremely happy or energetic I love to wear a nice dress with high heels.
Blazer is from Zara and the T-shirt is selfmade.

The dress, tights and socks are from H&M
The shoes from urban outfitters.

                      T-shirt  and swimsuit are from H&M

T-shirt, hat and shoes are from H&M
The short is from the second hand store T2.

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